A not so holy night: optredens Sojo Leuven 29/12

Leuven Anarchistische Groep en Tofu Never Screams present:

A Not So Holy Night – Xmas Bash

Doors: 16h

Happyhour: 16h

Wait what? Happy hour?? What time? !!! 16h!!!
(support early bands yo! )

First band: 17h

Food: 19.30h

17h: OnFire : Hardcore Punk from Bxl

18h: VerpesT : Blackcrust from 9000

19h: MatraK AttaKK: grind/crust from liege

20h: Turbowarrior of Steel: crossover partythrash from ieper

21h: microglycerime + guest Moundy: Hiphop Hardcore/ Rapcore from Liege

22h: DISORDINE: Hc Punk from Italy

23h: Quartier Libre: Punk ‘n Roll Ska from France

Bands end: 24h

Afterparty ’till our feet hurt! by Shitfaced Caravan

‘minimum’ price: €7
‘i really want to support the bands and this initiative’ price: €14
(but please give a bit more than €7 🙁 )

Distro by Leuven Anarchistische Groep (buttons, patches, shirts, books, stickers, …)

Place to be: JH SOJO, Eénmeilaan 35, Kessel-Lo (7 minutes walk from Leuven train station)